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No Sleep Till Kessel  -  A fun laid back gaming community of Older Players for Older Players.
No Sleep Till Kessel
Zul'jin (US) - 349 users
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World of Warcraft - PC - Zul'jin (US)

Zul'jin (US) - PvE

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Death Knight
spec spec
class Druid
spec spec
class Hunter
spec spec spec
class Mage
spec spec spec
class Monk
spec spec
class Paladin
class Priest
spec spec spec
class Rogue
spec spec spec
class Shaman
spec spec
class Warlock
spec spec spec
class Warrior
spec spec
Recruitment information
Hello all!
If you are over 25 years of age, like drama free guilds that understand work/life balance, and are looking for a good home now and into Battle for Azeroth, maybe our guild <No Sleep Till Kessel> is for you!

Horde, Zul’jin ,US Eastern

We are a guild of older players for older players, most with families and children. Average age of members is closer to 35. We have many couples and married folks as well. We like to raid, but consider ourselves a pve/social/raid guild, but we're really more a gaming community. We have been together as a community for 6 years.

We currently raid Tuesdays 8:30-10:30 and Fridays 8:30-11:30 Eastern. We may add a second raid group if we continue to grow the way we have been. We also do a gear up run for folks and alts on Saturdays 8:30-11:30.
We do not raid Mythic, just want AoTC every tier. 11/11 AtBT Normal

Community first, and people before purples!
Time Schedules
Casual Family Friendly 18+ Only Raiding voice TS3
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A fun, mature, laid-back World of Warcraft Horde guild