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New Member's Guide

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Posted Nov 20, 14 · OP · Last edited Feb 17, 17
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Welcome New Guild Members

The following in format in is everything you need to know about our guild to get started with us.

No Sleep till Kessel a 25+ pve/social/raid guild comprised of older players for older players, most of us with children/families.

Guild Member Requirements
Over 25
Sign up on website. Through the website we do most of our communicating about the guild events/ops etc. Plus this is the best place to have any of your questions or concerns answered.
Check the guild website often for new information.
Teamspeak 3 (Voice Chat). We highly recommend all members utilize our Teamspeak server. With Teamspeak we can talk and get to know you better and you can get to know us better. This is required to join guild organized events, PvP, and OPS.
30 Day Recruit rank. We are a guild of older players with children/families and we disdain drama so we are picky about members. The last thing were looking for is Drama as we are all laid back, you will get to know this in Teamspeak. This gives both of us time to feel each other out. After this time AND you sign up on the website; you will be promoted to a full member of No Sleep Till Kessel.

Guild Resources
Website –
Teamspeak – (Will require headset) TeamSpeak: Password: NSTKRocks
Parsec – Required to be able to run in progression ops groups and can be used in casual runs. Talk to your Raid leader about setting this up.

Guild Officers
Exnuke, Wargard, Sarge, Swift, Phaylen

Guild Events
Either sign up on the in game calendar or on the website calendar. For Raids please try and sign up 3 days prior to the event.

Wednesdays or Thursdays Mythic+ or older content gear up nights.
Tuesdays and Saturdays – Current Hardmode progression Group nights.

Guild Progression Raid groups
These are for the serious gamers (but not too serious). We expect members of this group to be geared fully to the level of the Raid, have flasks, pots, and buff food. Be 15 minutes early for the event. Follow directions from the Raid leader, and keep talking to a minimum to keep focus fort the task at hand.

We still have fun, but were a little strict when it comes to this group. These events can become very frustrating and we need RAID members who can keep their cool.

We are all here to have fun together. If you have any questions please ask a guild member/officer or post your question on our forums. We check them regularly and are happy to answer them.

Remember we are a community first and a place to come unwind. People before purples.
Super! Tanks for asking!
Posted Feb 17, 17