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Hey ya'll, I'm resetting our Ops progress module on the main page for current 4.0 kills.

Here is a list of our previous kills pre-4.0:

The Eternity Vault 8 man Nim Complete

The Eternity Vault 16 man Nim Complete

Karagga's Palace 8 man Nim Complete

Karagga's Palace 16 man Nim Complete

Explosive Conflict 8 man NiM Complete

Explosive Conflict 16 man SM Complete

Terror from Beyond 8 man HM Complete, Operator IX Nim Killed

Terror from Beyond 16 man SM Complete

Scum and Villainy 8 man HM Complete

Scum and Villainy 16 man HM Complete

Toborro's Courtyard 8 man HM Complete

Toborro's Courtyard 16 man HM Complete

The Dread Fortress 8 man HM Complete, Nefra Nim Killed

The Dread Fortress 16 man SM Complete, Grob’thok HM Killed

The Dread Palace 8 man HM Complete

The Dread Palace 16 man SM Complete, Tyrans HM Killed

The Ravagers 8 man SM Complete, Bulo HM Killed

The Ravagers 16 man No kills

Temple of Sacrifice 8 man SM Complete, Malaphar HM Killed

Temple of Sacrifice 16 man Malaphar HM Killed

Good job to all our raiders for our previous victorys; it's been a blast downing these bosses with ya'll. Can't wait to do it all again!

For several personal reasons I regret to inform you all that I am stepping down as officer of NSTK. My life has recently been building up to the next chapter of education and career and in doing so it has consumed my free time. Because of this I feel it is only right to take a step back from leadership and take my place as member in the guild. You are all friends and family, it is my wish to continue to play this game with you. But in order for me to do so, I must take back my time in other areas so as to keep my life goals on the right path and have fun in the game.

So here’s to having fun and playing with you all soon.

Forever and always, you’re Fuzzyewok

Del'tan *your
Del'tan So clearly I'm a little behind in my reading. No worries Fuzzy, we'll still blame you for everything! Breaks...
Nightshade Don't make me become an officer....

Here is a link for all to enjoy. Its interesting to note that top 5 DPS classes in 4.0 mathmatically are:

1. Gunslinger - Saboteur

2. Sentinel - Watchman

3. Vanguard - Tactics

4.Shadow - Infiltration

5.Gunslinger - Sharpshooter 

Meik here is a link to all the numbers that you need to get the optimal stats, in terms of what you need for augments, enhanc...


Exnuke a posted Oct 27, 15

Ok, now that the new expansion is in full swing so shall we be into raiding. The new expansion has brought us a daily reward for doing story mode ops through the group finder. Yes, daily. It rewards you 16 Radiant Data Crystals upon completion. Also, the bosses drop 216 set pieces with the final boss dropping a random 220 piece. We will be going full swing next week after people get through the nine chapters and Halloween. Sign up in the events.

Let’s get some bosses down, get some set pieces, and strive for glory!  See you there.

Meik got the 9 chapters done, cant find this Halloween anywhere... Is it on Fleet or where do you get that quest....?

Woo hoo! New combat changes in KOFE. Once again, lovingly ripped from SWTOR.COM

Combat Changes in Fallen Empire

With the launch of Knights of Fallen Empire, we are planning quite a few general changes to combat. This includes everything from how some stats work to a new feature called Level Sync. Let’s jump in and talk about these changes.

Stat Changes

We have reworked some of our stats with the goal of helping in itemization  as well as cleaning up some lingering imbalance between stats. These changes will reduce the amount of items that you find in game which simply don’t apply to your character. No more throwing items away because it has the wrong main stat, or hating that you have to get both Critical Hit Rating and Surge just to make the stats effective. These changes include:

  • The four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim have all been replaced by a single stat called Mastery. For all intents and purposes, Mastery acts identically to the primary stat it replaced.
  • Endurance now gives slightly more health per point once you hit level 65. We felt that health totals were a little low compared to offensive output.
  • The stat Surge has been removed. Surge has now been rolled into the Critical Rating stat. This means that Critical Rating now determines both your change to critically hit, and the damage bonus you receive when you critically hit. Due to this change we have tweaked the values that this rating converts into. Generally an equal rating prior to Fallen Empire will result in less critical hit change and damage from before, but this is simplified by only having one rating.
  • To ensure that Critical Hit Chance is never a wasted stat, any abilities that automatically critically hit now convert any Critical Hit beyond 100% into additional critical damage.
  • Base weapon accuracy has been increased from 90% to 100%. All non-basic attacks already had 100% Accuracy, so this change brings basic attacks up to par.
  • Lastly, we have rearranged how we distribute ratings on items. Now, Power and defense share the first rating slot on modifications, while the rest of the stats (Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb, and Shield) will share the second rating slot.

Planet Level Sync

We have added a new system to the game called Level Sync. What this system will do is that when you are on a planet, but above the target level of that planet, your level will automatically be lowered to that planet’s level. Ex: If you are level 60, and you return to Alderaan to do some Missions, your character will be scaled down to be level 32.

While you are under Level Sync the following things are adjusted on your character:

  • Stats
  • Armor
  • Weapon Damage

However, while under Level Sync we will not take away any abilities or passive effects that you have. Also, while under Level Sync you will earn scaled experience. So if you are a level 60, killing level 30 mobs, you will gain experience appropriate for being a level 60 . This enables a player to go play any of the content in The Old Republic and get rewarded appropriately for their time investment. Did you miss out on the heroic area on Tatooine? No worries! Now you can simply head there and check it out without dramatically stopping your progression.

Experience and Grouping

We have also made some changes to how grouping and experience works. We felt it was important that we let players group up with whomever they want while still being able to make progress. With that in mind, we have made the following adjustments:

  • Experience is no longer split between members of a group. This means the size of the group no longer impacts how much experience your character will earn.
  • The experience earned is now based on the level difference between the highest level character (after level sync) and the level of the NPC.

Temporary Ability Bars

We can now grant players access to a temporary hotbar, with abilities on it that are only available for a short time. The most immediate use of this hotbar will be for the ability Throw the Huttball. Now, when you have the Huttball, a temporary ability bar will show up so you no longer need to have your throw on your normal hotbar. Similar to your normal hotbar, you can assign your own keybindings to these buttons. This will open up new possibilities for us to do some more interesting content in the future!

Ability Replacements

Speaking of trying to reduce some ability bar clutter, we can now actually replace older abilities with things that are direct upgrades. This usually occurs when a Discipline unlocks a new ability that is just a straight up replacement (Lethal Shot for Snipe as a Virulence Sniper, as an example). The new ability will take the same spot on the hotbar as the old ability. Whenever you abandon your discipline, the older ability will return to you.


Like we covered in the PAX Prime Livestream, Companions have gotten a significant overhaul. You can watch the stream here, but here are a few quick highlights:

  • Companions are now summoned from the Companions and Contacts/Alliance window.
  • Companions now all have 3 roles you can choose from on the fly, DPS/Healer/Tank, and different ability sets based on that role.
  • Companions that use the same weapon type will share the same ability sets (so every companion that uses Blaster Pistols will have the same ability sets).
  • Companions no longer generate any stats from gear, their stats are purely based on the level of the companion, so you can dress them up however you want. Accordingly, equipment slots that didn't have any effect on visibility have been removed from companions. Companions will still need a weapon in order to activate their abilities, but the stats of the weapon won't matter.

In Fallen Empire player, Companions will continue to be a huge part of your personal story. All of these gameplay changes are to enhance their functionality.

As always, please let us know what you think about the changes we've made, and thank you.

Rob Hinkle
Lead Systems Designer

Now its time to shred all my data for all non-mastery crap.  *@#&^%(&*^@#% thanks SWTOR!

ObsidianHealer Don't shred the data!!!!!!
Meik Just started patching. Its 8.6GB of data.

Crafting in KotFE

Exnuke a posted Oct 19, 15

This has been lovingly ripped from the developers blog on SWTOR.COM

Crafting Changes in Fallen Empire

In Knights of the Fallen Empire, we are making quite a few adjustments to how Crafting will work. In this blog we will cover each of these changes and how they will affect your character in Fallen Empire. Ultimately we had a handful of goals for our crafting changes:

  • Balance the Crafting skills, so that the benefits of all Crafting skills are relatively equal.
  • Improve the quality of Crafted items, so that Crafting is a valid method to gear yourself.
  • Ease the barrier of entry, making Crafting easier to understand for our newer players.

Let’s get started.

General Crew Skill Changes
While leveling in Star Wars: The Old Republic, we want to ensure that Crew Skills are a way to help supplement your experience. We have made a few changes to help streamline your experience with Crew Skills from 1-65, including some quality of life changes:

  • The Crew Skill cap will remain at 500, there is no cap increase in 4.0.
  • The Crafting skill “groups” have been removed and are no longer needed to improve your Crafting skill.
    • Example: when you hit 400 Crafting skill, you do not need to visit the trainer to move the cap up to 450. 
  • All Crafting has been organized into 8 Grades . This is to help clarify the different crafting tiers, allowing crafters the ability to easily determine what crafting materials they need for what items. All existing Items and Missions have been adjusted to fit into these Grades. Here is a detailed breakdown:
    • Grade 1: Level 10-16: 0-80
    • Grade 2: Level 16-24: 80-160
    • Grade 3: Level 24-32: 160-240
    • Grade 4: Level 32-40: 240-300
    • Grade 5: Level 40-46: 300-350
    • Grade 6: Level 46-51: 350-400
    • Grade 7: Level 51-55: 400-450
    • Grade 8: Level 55+: 450-500

Crafting Skill Changes
Every Crafting Skill has received new patterns that will fall into one of the 8 Grades. In most cases, these items are improvements over what you were able to craft previously. With this change, all existing Schematics that are not part of Fallen Empire have been moved to the “Archives” category in your crafting window . These older schematics are still available to craft in case you still have a need for them. Here are some of the other changes affecting Crafting:

  • There are no longer any Premium (green) items to craft. All craftable items now start as Prototype (blue) quality.
  • Reverse Engineering items no longer gives a random item. Instead, the item reverse engineered will give an improved version of that item.
  • The chance to get an improved item from Reverse Engineering has been increased.
  • All crafted armor is Adaptive.
  • Nearly all schematics require a new Premium (green) crafting material called a Component. This new Component is made by combining two existing crafting materials along with two vendor purchased materials, all of which are of the same Grade as the component. A unique Component exists for each skill and each Grade.
    • Example: An Armormech crafter wants to craft a Grade 6 Chest Piece (Level 46). This is a Prototype (blue) quality armor and requires 4 Ciridium and 4 Durasteel Armor Assembly Components. The player will need 2 Durasteel, 2 Zal Alloy, and 2 Thermoplast Flux to craft each component. Once they have the 4 Components and 4 Ciridum from Underworld Trading, they will be able to craft their chest piece.
    • If a player chose to, they could level up exclusively by crafting Components!
  • In most cases, Crafting times have been greatly reduced.  This will enable crafters to craft more items to coincide with the faster leveling.
  • To match the above listed changes. Augments have been reduced to 8 tiers. The MK8 Augment Kit is now the highest Augment Kit. Existing MK9 and MK11 Kits will turn into MK8 when Fallen Empire launches.

Along with these general changes which are affecting Crafting, there are some more detailed changes which impact very specific Crafting Skills . These changes are to balance the six different crafting skills with one another, in light of the stat changes in 4.0. Here are those changes:

  • Armorings can no longer be crafted by Cybertechs.
  • New Resistive Armorings (Endurance) are now exclusive to Armormech.
  • New Versatile Armorings (Mastery) are now exclusive to Synthweaving.
  • Enhancements can no longer be crafted by Artificers, and are now exclusive to Cybertechs.
    • For these specific examples, these Crafting patterns have been completely removed from their respective Crafting Skill.
  • Due to the Primary Stats being converted to the Mastery Stat, the following changes have been made to Augments:
    • Armormechs can now craft Shield, Absorb, and Mastery Augments.
    • Synthweavers can now craft Alacrity, Defense, and Critical Augments.
    • Armstechs can now craft Accuracy, Endurance, and Power Augments.
  • All previously reusable Biochem Consumables are no longer reusable. This is to balance the crafting skill with others and to encourage a market of these crafted items.
  • All low level Biochem stimulants have been improved! Their duration is increased to 8 hours and they are now made in batches of 6-8 depending on the type.
  • Droid Armor has been removed from the game, as all companion armor is now strictly for appearances, and droid appearances are not modified by their armor.
  • All previously reusable Cybertech grenades are no longer reusable. They are now more powerful than their Prototype equivalent.  This is to balance the crafting skill with others and to encourage a market of these crafted items.

One of the other considerations for Crafting is how it will affect the Elder Game. We have made quite a few changes to what crafters can do at Elder Game:

Elder Game Crafting:

  • All Modifications acquired from Operations can be Reverse Engineered for their Schematics.
  • Operation Gear can no longer be Reverse Engineered.
  • Crafters can now make gear equivalent to Story and Hard Mode Operations gear:
    • This gear can be acquired from their respective Trainer.
    • This crafted gear, when Reverse Engineered is equivalent to Story Mode Operations gear. 
    • When this Story Mode equivalent gear is Reverse Engineered, a player can acquire the schematic to craft Hard Mode Operations equivalent gear.
    • This new gear has a guaranteed Reverse Engineer chance.
    • This new gear is sellable & tradable.
    • This new gear requires a new Crafting material that can only be acquired by completing your personal Conquest goals.
    • This gear does not have set bonuses.
    • Relics cannot be crafted in this method.

Harvesting and Mission Skill Changes
Similarly to the Crafting Skill changes. We have made adjustments to both Harvesting and Mission Skills, including some quality of life changes:

  • All unlocked Crew Skill Missions are now fully visible and no longer randomized.
  • Crew Skill Mission unlocks have been aligned with the new Grade system from above.
  • Crew Skill Missions will now grant slightly more materials than they did previously.
  • Harvesting Nodes can now be harvested regardless of your skill level.
  • Harvesting Nodes will now grant Skill Increases regardless of the Node or your skill level.
  • Harvesting Nodes grant different amounts of materials based on the player’s skill level. Players that are below the skill level of the node will receive fewer materials, and those higher than the node will receive more.
  • All Harvesting Nodes now have a chance to grant both sets of materials for their respective Grade.
  • Archaeology Crystals now grant Fragments and Crystals in addition to Color Crystals.
  • The completion time for Crew Skill Missions has been greatly reduced.

Crafting Material Removal
Along with all of the other changes we are making, we are going to be removing many of the current crafting materials in the game. When Fallen Empire launches, any of these materials that you have will automatically convert to their equivalent counterpart. Example: Plasteel is being removed from the game. If you have 100 Plasteel when Fallen Empire launches it will turn into 100 Plastoid.

The following Materials are being removed from the game:

(A bunch.  Too long to list here)

We hope that you are looking forward to all of these changes and more, coming in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Ahmad Zabarah
Senior Designer

So as you can see, quite a bit of chganges to crafting, and by tomorrow afternoon, I should have it all memorized. (Heh)

The wait is almost over! Next tuesday October 20th, KotFE early access begins. We dont yet know the time, but I for one am psyched and looking forward to seeing all of you back in game and in TeamSpeak! 

So what are you guys the most excited about? Are you going with a new character, or taking your level 60 through?

Flyestra I look forward to Tuesday night where there is a real chance I may see some of you, in game.
Meik Been looking forward to this also. I havent watched gameplay and tried my darnest to stay away from spoilers. Only game ...
Rucus I can't wait! I'm gonna take Rucus through first and then maybe start yet another toon.

Hey guys, I'm hosting a Star Wars Trivia event in Teamspeak this Friday 9/25/15. Come test your knowledge of star wars against your fellow guild mates! For those still playing SWTOR, top three winners will get to choice an item out of the prize tab in the guild bank. For those who just join us in TS; you get bragging rights =). Check the Calendar for event details. So come one, come all and see who is the most obsessed with Star Wars!

Dala Wish I didn't have to work that night :(
ObsidianHealer Totally gonna try to make it to this!
Meik nuCannon only or all EU? either way, pull up a chair folks, its time I schooled ya all.... lol

Hey peeps, here's a link to torcommunity that has some pretty good updated information about the 4.0 expansion.

All hands guild meeting.

Exnuke a posted Aug 6, 15

It's that time again. Friday the 14th of August we will be having an all hands guild meeting. This will give you a chance to voice your opinion and ideas for the guild. We will have it in place of Fuzzy Friday. Ok, ok, we CAN postpone the battle and merryment untill after the meeting. We will be in TS and starting at 8:30 pm. So, please bring your thoughts and ideas. We will also be discussing HM Ops. If you want in, this would be a great time to throw your hat/helmet/lightsaber/blaster/spare body parts into the ring.

We are looking forward to seeing you then.

Exnuke a Yes, thanks for bringing them.
Madik I will not be able to attend due to previous plans.
Meik will there be donuts?
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